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Lifeline subscriptions

Get your Lifeline now!

OA NFIG Meeting Reps can now secure a Lifeline subscription for their meeting! If you rep an OA meeting, a monthly copy of Lifeline is waiting for you at the next NFI meeting (2nd Saturday of the Month). Attend NFI, collect your monthly copy of Lifeline, then share it with your meeting members.

March 2014 Update

Hello friends,
Tracy has produced a fabulous newsletter this month highlighting the OA tool of meetings. Also, you’ll find a flyer regarding Saturday’s Gratitude Luncheon, which will, in part, pay tribute to Rozanne S., founder of OA. The luncheon starts at noon at the Masonic Lodge in Orange Park (511 Kingsley Blvd).
In Overeaters Anonymous (OA “Brown” Book), Rozanne emphasizes the positive role coming back to meetings had on her recovery. It seems apropos that our March newsletter focus on the power of meetings. In “Keep Coming Back: Rozanne’s Story,” Rozanne writes, “And that truth–our promise of recovery–is in every OA meeting when we join hands, pray together and joyously, lovingly encourage one another: Keep Coming Back!” We hope to see everyone at the Gratitude Luncheon as we honor our founder and share in the gratitude we hold for OA.
North Florida Intergroup hopes all those who come to the Gratitude Luncheon will stay for the NFI meeting at 1:30 p.m. It’s a good opportunity to check out what happens at NFI, and good things are happening! We hope you’ll come be a part of the action.
Joy & Blessings!