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September OA Inner Voice Newsletter

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Download the most recent edition of NFI’s OA Inner Voice newsletter. Read about the upcoming NFI OA Fall Retreat and the Surviving the Holidays workshop Oct. 22. Learn how to volunteer for the SOAR 8 Recovery Convention and Business Assembly in March 2017. All that and more awaits readers in the latest edition of the New Freedom Intergroup’s newsletter, Inner Voice.

September 2016 Inner Voice

From the September edition of the newsletter:


A Message from Our NFI Chair


Hello OA Fellows!


I hope this finds you well, abstinent and enjoying your recovery one day at a time. As I write this Lori is patiently waiting for me to send this for our newsletter. Every day since our last NFI meeting I would say to myself, “Marie, write your article for the newsletter….NOW!” and every day I’d go to bed thinking OK, I’ll do it tomorrow. Of course, I didn’t and here we are. I’m abstinent, for the most part enjoying my recovery and very grateful for it. But as I look at how I got to this place I realize that two things happened: a. I procrastinated (sloth as they say in the AA 12&12) and b. I didn’t use my OA tools – the daily action plan.


I am blessed with a busy and fulfilling life. I find that’s what happens when I work the 12 steps. Many things now come more easily without me even thinking about it but the life I want still takes effort (translate discipline…Ugh!) and I still need some “tricks” as one sponsor used to tell me to make my life more manageable. In addition to the slogans I find that our OA Tools are part of the “tricks” in my tool box. Putting my highest priorities on my Daily Action Plan is one of the disciplines I’m learning……slowly.


That’s why I’m excited about our workshop in September “Equipping My Recovery Toolbox”. In all honesty, I wasn’t going to go and then I realized how much I need this and it’s part of me taking care of myself. So when I finish this I’m signing up! I get something out of every OA event I attend. The Third Step and Third Tradition workshop in Brunswick was no different. Even though I’ve been around a while the phrase “God could and would if he were sought” has been resounding in my head since last month. What a beautiful promise!


I hope those of you who are being called to serve on our NFI Board will heed the call. As you know we will be electing a new Chair, Vice Chair and Delegate soon. Please consider lending your time and talents to OA. I promise it will be one of the best investments you have ever made!


Love and Blessings in Recovery,