To the Family and Friends

Since the 1960’s Overeaters Anonymous has helped compulsive eaters of all ages and behavioral patterns. OA is for anyone who has the willingness to stop eating compulsively, including the overweight, underweight and those of a normal weight. You can find a local meeting at this website or meetings worldwide through OA’s World Service Web site.


You may have noticed some or all of the following behaviors by a friend or family member who may have a problem with food:


  • Food missing without a rational explanation
  • Food snuck and hid in places
  • Repeated denial of eating certain “treats” or “goodies”
  • Secretive eating
  • Spending lots of time in the bathroom after eating with the water running
  • Constant attempts at dieting
  • Using food as a reward or comfort
  • Overspending on food
  • Avoiding activities or social events because of weight or body image
  • Routinely using laxatives or water pills
  • Excessive and exhaustive exercise
  • Restricting of food or “pretending” to eat


There is experience, strength and hope in the rooms of OA. Local meetings are open to friends and family members. For more information, visit the OA World Service Web site.