OA Newcomer Meeting

While all Overeaters Anonymous meetings are open to newcomers, certain OA group meetings have been designated as OA newcomer meetings.


This special focus means that when a newcomer attends, regular attendees of the meeting welcome the newcomer by sharing their experience, strength and hope in OA.


Newcomers are given a welcome packet that contains various OA pamphlets. Also, the newcomer may receive a “We Care” list, a list of names and phone numbers of OA members who are happy to take a call and share their experience in OA or answer any questions, an “Inner Voice” newsletter, and an NFI meeting list.


OA Newcomer Meeting

Currently, the following OA group meetings are designated newcomer focus meetings


Monday 7:00 p.m. Orange Park.

Orange Park Presbyterian Church, Room 4 Basement

Hwy 17 & McIntosh Street

Contact: Jack W. 904-477-3110


Thursday 6:00 p.m. Jacksonville

Lakeview Health

1900 Corporate Square Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL 32216

Contact: Zee D. 904-223-1221




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Joanne says:

Arlington meeting was my first introduction to OA. I could not have been treated more respectfully and most important “tenderly”. Compassion and dedication is the driving force of these newcomer meetings. Take a chance and go, you only have your pain to lose. So very glad I did!

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