Lifeline Magazine

Lifeline, OA’s international magazine, is designed to be a “meeting-on-the-go”! Many find subscribing to and reading Lifeline an indispensable part of their recovery program.

Literature is one of the nine OA tools of recovery, ever-reminding us that we are not alone and that recovery is possible. You can download a free sample copy of Lifeline at the OA World Service Web site.

OA Meeting Reps can now secure a Lifeline subscription for their meeting! If you rep an OA meeting, a monthly copy of Lifeline is waiting for you at the next NFI meeting (2nd Saturday of the Month). Attend NFI, collect your monthly copy of Lifeline, then share it with your meeting members.

Does your OA meeting have a Lifeline rep? Discover how you can “throw a lifeline to your group” by becoming a Lifeline rep. By becoming a Lifeline rep, you’ll earn points toward free literature for your OA group and help Lifeline magazine become self-supporting. Many members find that service positions such as Lifeline rep keep them coming back to meetings and strengthening their recovery.

Lifeline is available in print and online formats. To subscribe, renew, view a sample, discover writing submission guidelines and more, visit the OA World Service Lifeline webpages.

Lifeline Weekly

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