OA World Service

OA World Service Business Conference:Nonprofit Conference

The OA World Service Business Conference serves as the collective conscience of the Fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous. The week long business conference is held every year, usually in April or May. Delegates representing OA service bodies gather to:

  • elect trustees
  • amend bylaws
  • adopt new business policies
  • provide information on issues that affect OA


According to www.oa.org:

“Each OA member, group and service body has a stake in Overeaters Anonymous. Conference is the one opportunity we have as “shareholders” to come together and question, chart and steer the course of Overeaters Anonymous. It is also our obligation to report back to our service bodies and groups on the current state of OA and its direction for the future.”


World Service Convention:

Every three years, a World Service Convention is held in order to “promote recovery, fun and fellowship” in OA. Past events include: workshops, marathons, and speaker sessions from OA members from other countries.


For more information, please visit the World Service Events page at www.oa.org.