Make a Donation

Tradition 7:

Every OA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.


North Florida Intergroup OA members may contribute directly to NFI either as a representative of an NFI OA meeting group, a treasurer of an NFI OA meeting group, or an individual donor. All funds go directly to North Florida Intergroup of OA to support its mission. NFI has voted to send OA World Service and Region 8 a fixed percentage of received monthly contributions:

OA World Service – 30%

Region 8 – 10%


Please keep in mind all donations are subject to credit card processing fees. To avoid these fees, please contribute donation either in person at regular NFI business meetings or to the NFI mailing address:


North Florida Intergroup

PO Box 550842

Jacksonville, FL 32255


Please include your group number on your check.



If you would like to donate to North Florida Intergroup, you may do so here.

Please include your group number on the 2nd address line of your address or on the confirmation page where it asks for “Special Instructions for the Seller.”